Tarotscope for this lovely week – Have Faith

This week I am using the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck from Doreen Virtue. I have drawn one card to help us connect to our inner voice within this week.

Have Faith – Your prayers are manifesting. Remain positive, and follow your guidance.


“Have Faith” – much easier said then done. If this card is coming up, you may have been feeling like you are losing your faith, unsure about your direction, or simply tired of feeling like your prayers are not being heard. Why isn’t anyone listening to me? Anyone out there? Hellooo?

You may be feeling like you have worked hard without seeing any real results. I’m reminded of a movie I saw a long while ago. I can’t recall the name of it, but remember the movie itself quite well. A family was driving in a car, on a dark, foggy and mostly abandoned road, every once in a while they would stop, but the road would continue to look the same, even after hours and hours of driving, bringing them to realize that they have been on the same road the entire trip and cannot seem to get off of it. The movie ends with a big reveal. They, the entire family in the car, were driving on that road earlier, had an accident and all died, without being aware of it. They were dead the entire movie as they wandered aimlessly on this road for what seemed like an eternity. Morbid much? Yes, I know. However, it made me reconnect with that feeling when you are trying so hard to get somewhere, but you just feel like you can’t figure out what you are doing, and the more you try, the more you end up losing direction.

Perhaps you have been working towards a specific goal, but seem to not be able to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”, or at the end of the road :). Perhaps you are trying hard to listen to your inner guidance, but cannot seem to hear it due to all the noise coming from the mind.

I know this is not the most pleasant place to be emotionally. I’ve been there, you’ve been there and I’m sure we will be there and back, again.

There and back again, a hobbit’s tale…   I kid! I kid!

This card comes to you as a message from Above that even though your life may not be turning out exactly as you thought it would right now, that does not mean that you are not on the right path. Know that life has a way of working itself out, just not always in the way that you think it may or should. Now is the time to give yourself mental and emotional space away from the issue/situation you have been focusing on. Now is the time to have faith. When you are caught up in a whirlpool of emotions, it is hard to just tell yourself to stop.  It’s time for a break literately. Time to create a different routine, one that takes you away from those draining feelings.

In order to reconnect with your sense of faith, you need to separate from the worry/anxiety/doubt or other draining energy that you may be feeling. What has worked wonderfully well for me is creating a great bed time routine. One in which I ground myself, I allow me to simply be and through that expel the emotional garbage I may have picked up or created in the day. I believe that clearing out this energy at the end of the day helps you to begin your day tomorrow a bit more lighter. Of course, as you go through the next day, your worries may come up again, but by clearing it out every evening, allowing yourself a relaxing and restful night, you create a better foundation for your inner self to be able to deal with all the difficulties on your path.

Action Steps:

No matter what you have been thinking through the day today, know that when you come home you are going to begin your routine of relaxing. I know that at times it may feel difficult to be able to set aside time for yourself, but by doing so, you will break your cycle of feeling disconnected from yourself. Set aside one hour of time just for you before you go to sleep. Lay out your favorite sleeping clothes on the bed. Take a warm and soothing shower, and as you do, become aware of how wonderful and healing the water feels on your body. See it cleansing not only your body, but your spirit as well. See it taking away the days burden.

After dressing in your favorite jammies, find your scared space in your home where you can relax. If you don’t have your sacred space figured out in your home, then it’s time to create one. It may just be a small corner somewhere in your bedroom with a chair that simply beckons to you, a space in your living room where you always tends to sit.

Sit in your sacred space alone and simply breathe. Feel your own breath, become aware of the beauty of life that is going in and out of your lungs. Breathe deep and slow. Simply, allow yourself to be. As you begin to breathe better, your own inner guidance will have more space to speak to you, it will seep through the cracks of the noisy mind bit by bit. Do not be disappointed if you catch yourself thinking all sorts of thoughts. This is all a part of you, and that is okay. Become the observed. Listen to the thoughts coming to you.

When I begin to do this, for the first few weeks, I had a hard time sitting alone! I kept wanting to get on the computer, go to the fridge,wake up my snoring, wake up my snoring husband, skip the practice all together…

However, as I remained determined, I began to feel a difference. Somewhere throughout my day, I felt a longing to get to my practice, in my sacred space. To sit, relaxed and just let myself be. With more time, I began to hear my own inner voice more clearly. I slowly developed a better inner knowing of my life, my current path, of the “why” a certain something was happening. I began to feel a certain peace, one that can only come from within. Then came along Faith. A deeper inner knowing that all will be well, no matter what turns my life will take. I could not explain how I knew, but I just did.

Having faith is a process, it is a form of school that needs to be attended, from within. It is also something that always needs to be practiced. The more you practice the better you will become at it.  No matter how the day has unfolded for you, give yourself the gift of a restful evening!

So, here’s to a good night for you!!!