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What If You Could Feel a Change Just After One Session…

Imagine having the fog around you cleared once and for all, and with a crystal clear vision bring to light your best path possible at this time. You are going to delve deep into your life and slowly bring down any barriers to your happiness. Life can become a struggle at times, the path to happiness and contentment can seem far out of reach. It can be easy to lose touch with yourself, and feel as if you are wondering around without direction.

Allow me to hold a beauty mirror for you so you can see the unlimited love, wisdom and knowing that lies within you! Reconnecting with that will give you all the tools you need in your tool belt to know exactly what is happening in your life, where you want to go from here and how to get there.

 We’ll delve into what is troubling you:

Life Transitions –  Life transitions come in many forms. Our biggest transitions are usually fueled by personal relationships, career choices and inner beliefs. Do you wonder if your current relationship is right for you, are you feeling like it is time for a change? Are you feeling like you are in a job that creates a void in your energy, ready to move on, but unsure how?
Out of Balance– life can get hectic, is there so much going on in your life that you just feel like you don’t have control and are unsure where to begin changing things?
Lack of Support and Direction – Do you feel unsupported on your journey? Do you feel like you may have lost touch with your inner compass?
Spirituality – Do you feel that you were meant to do so much more with your life? Do you feel a calling, but are uncertain of what it is, or what it all means?

Then We’ll Make Your Dreams Come True:

Create solutions which come from the core of who you are, create a greater vision of who you really are.
Get unstuck, see what is really holding you back, free you from the invisible ropes which have been keeping you still.
See your life from a different, fresh perspective. See how awesome you actually are, my dear!
Create new and positive beliefs which nourish your mind, body and soul. Beliefs that will have you soaring like an eagle!
Create tools and mind frames that will help you achieve your deepest desires and goals.
Create loving and healthy relationships, starting with yourself. Who better to begin with?

I believe in the power of love, and I will lovingly help you to reach your goals and desires. You can expect me to share my wisdom, knowledge, experience, cheerfulness, and strong belief to aid you to finding your best self.

Booking a Session:

To book a reading with me, you may click on the handy blue box below, in the right hand corner, which says “Leave a Message” or email me at discoversource “at’ gmail dot com.

If you reside within the U.S, I am happy to call you for our session. If you are living elsewhere, I’m happy to use Skype as a way to conduct our session.

To book a session please send me an email with your preferred time and location. Once we have confirmed your session, please make your payment by revisiting this page.

30 minutes / $65

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