My Story

Daughter, Wife, Intuitive Coach, Adventurer, WOMAN – hear me roar – Speaker, Motivator… I AM



  • A Certified Life Coach
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Psychology 

Intuitive – I believe intuition is the strongest guide we have to our true selves. My intuition has been my close companion through out my life and I believe in the Intuitive Work as a practice for ground work in order to enjoy a blissful existence while on this lovely plane.

U.S National Guard  – An Intuitive Wonder and Army Soldier rolled into one? Yes, Ma’am. I joined the military when I was 17 years old, many moons ago now. Even though my life path has taken me far away from the military road, I deeply cherish and hold close to me my experiences while on that road. I still hold in my heart the people who crossed my path during that time and the important life lessons learned.

Animal Lover and Advocate –  Proud friend of two globe trotting dogs. I currently share my humble adobe with two dogs that I found at the shelter. They have traveled with me from the U.S, to Serbia, to Germany and who knows where to next.. off to the moon! I encourage adoption from the shelter when ever possible, and it is always possible if that is what you truly want! Please consider adopting a pet before “buying” one.

I am – married to a lovely man! I totally lucked out!! Just kidding!!! It’s not about “luck”, but about creating, right? I was ready, willing and cleared of certain past baggage to meet the right cutie pie for me, and I did. Sometimes in life you just gotta let it go, what ever the burden, no matter how hard it is…let it go and life will take over in a gently way.

I enjoycontinent hopping. I’ve lived in Europe and the U.S and enjoy shifting my home every few years. I’m currently living in Germany.

I have studied and respect the philosophies of Dan Millman, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra and Carlos Castenada.

My Own Philosophy:

One. At the end of it all, where/when ever that may be, we are all one. You. I. He. She. They.

Life is not about being born into a blissful existence. It is more about walking through it, dark forests, happy clearings, dark nights of the soul, once in a life time moments, daily heartaches, tears of joy and all the other goodies. The combination of all of this, along with a true acceptance gives passage to being able to truly live with bliss.

We are not entitled to a blissful life simply for being born, we are here to learn how to create it through recognizing that life, no matter how we may perceive it as being, negative or positive in a certain moment, that life itself is ALWAYS A BLESSING.

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