My Story

Daughter, Wife, Intuitive Coach, Adventurer, WOMAN – hear me roar – Speaker, Motivator… I AM


  • A Certified Life Coach
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Psychology 

Intuitive – I believe intuition is the strongest guide we have to our true selves. My intuition has been my close companion through out my life and I believe in the Intuitive Work as a practice for ground work in order to enjoy a blissful existence while on this lovely plane.

I have studied and respect the philosophies of Dan Millman, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Deepak Chopra and Carlos Castenada.

My Own Philosophy:

One. At the end of it all, where/when ever that may be, we are all one. You. I. He. She. They.

Life is not about being born into a blissful existence. It is more about walking through it, dark forests, happy clearings, dark nights of the soul, once in a life time moments, daily heartaches, tears of joy and all the other goodies. The combination of all of this, along with a true acceptance gives passage to being able to truly live with bliss.

We are not entitled to a blissful life simply for being born, we are here to create it through recognising that life, no matter how we may perceive it as being, negative or positive in a certain moment, is a gift and that now, this moment, is all we ever have. 

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