About Me

* Daughter, Wife, Mother

* Taurus with an Aqua rising

* Book Lover


* Certified Life Coach 

I’ve always been drawn to creating dramatic changes, painting the pages of my life with bold and unusual colors, in attempts to find myself. As a young at risk youth joining the military at the age of 17, to later changing countries and continents on my own, losing myself in different cultures and corners of the world. Travelling the world seeking myself, to know thyself.  At some point along came the deep realisation that all I need, the knowledge, wisdom and love, is within, within me and never outside. All that I seek is here with me now and always. Thus the journey of self discovery began and that is a journey which takes a lifetime, if not more, to complete.

Intuition – I believe intuition is the strongest guide we have to our true selves. My intuition has been my close companion through out my life and I believe in the Intuitive Work as a practice for ground work in order to enjoy a blissful existence while on this  plane.

My thoughts on life:

One. At the end of it all, where/when ever that may be, we are all one. You. I. He. She. They.

Life is not about being born into a blissful existence. It is about walking through it, dark forests, happy clearings, dark nights of the soul, once in a life time moments, daily heartaches, tears of joy and all the other goodies. The combination of all of this, along with a true acceptance gives passage to being able to truly live with bliss.

We are not entitled to a blissful life simply for being born, we are here to create it through recognising that life, no matter how we may perceive it as being, negative or positive in a certain moment, is a gift and that now, this moment, is all we ever have. 

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