7777 ~ Angel Numbers ~ Doreen Virtue

Combinations of 7’s

7’s and 1’s, such as 711 or 771 – This is confirmation that you are doing great. You are on the right path, so keep going! This is a sign that you have chosen your thoughts well and that you should focus more steadily on your objectives. Be sure to add appropriate emotions to your thoughts; for instance, feeling grateful for the gifts you have in life. Gratitude will speed the process of your manifestations.

7’s and 2’s, such as 722 or 772 – Have you recently applied for a new job, admission to school, or a loan? These numbers signal good news. They ask you to hang tight and not allow your faith to waver.

7’s and 3’s, such as 773 or 733 – The ascended masters are joyful. Not only do they see your true inner Divinity, but they also agree with the path you have chosen. They want you to know that you deserve happiness, and to allow the flow of holy bliss that comes with your Divine heritage and chosen path.

7’s and 4’s, such as 774 or 744 – The angels congratulate you and say, “Keep up the great work! You are on a roll. Keep your thoughts focused, because it’s having a big and positive effect.”

7’s and 5’s, such as 775 or 755 – This is a validation that you are “on target” with an impending change that will enrich you either physically, emotionally, or intellectually – or a combination of all three. Stay on course and you will soon see the evidence of how the changes add to your own life and to that of those around you.

7’s and 6’s, such as 776 or 766 – A validation that your thoughts and work with the material world are right on the mark. You have successfully balanced your thoughts and activities so that you are taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. Keep up the great work!

7’s and 8’s, such as 778 or 788 – Have you been feeling that some part of your life, such as a job or relationship, is ending? This is validation that your feelings are correct. The end could mean a significant positive change in the situation, or it could mean that some part of your life is nearing completion. Regardless, this number sequence heralds geed news about a forthcoming positive change involving the completion of an intense situation. Hang tight, because your life is about to get easier.

7’s and 9’s, such as 779 or 799 – Congratulations! You are shedding old parts of your life that no longer fit who you are. You are living a more authentic life that is in integrity with your highest view of yourself. This number sequence applauds your decisions to live honestly.

7’s and 0’s, such as 700 or 770 – An “atta boy” or “atta girl” directly from God, giving you accolades for the mental, spiritual, and physical work you’ve been doing. You are helping yourself and many other people with your current path, and God asks you to continue with your great work.

By Doreen Virtue

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