6666 ~ Angel Numbers ~ Doreen Virtue

Combinations of 6’s

6’s and 1’s, such as 611 or 661 – Keep your thoughts heavenward, and let go of materially minded worries. (Note: 611 means “Ask for help in repairing something in the material world that is irritating or bothering you right now.”

6’s and 2’s, such as 622 or 662 – A new purchase or acquisition is coming your way.

6’s and 3’s, such as 663 or 633 – Your ascended masters are helping you manifest the material items you need for your Divine life purpose. Whether that means money for tuition or outlets for you to conduct your teaching or healing work, the masters are working to bring it to you. They want you to know that you deserve to receive this help, as it will better enable you to give to others.

6’s and 4’s, such as 644 or 664 – Your angels caution you that your focus is too much on the material world. They ask you to surrender your worries to them so that they can intervene. Balance your focus between heaven and earth, and know that your supply is truly unlimited, especially when you work hand-in-hand with the Divine.

6′ and 5’s, such as 665 or 655 – Your material life is changing significantly, such as a new home, car, or other possession.

6’s and 7’s, such as 667 or 677 – A validation that your thoughts and work with the material world are right on the mark. You have successfully balanced your thoughts and activities so that you are taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. Keep up the great work!

6’s and 8’s, such as 668 or 688- You are about to part ways with something in your material world, such as selling a possession. If you do not intend to lose or sell anything in your material life, you can change your thoughts and alter this direction. However, if you are intent on selling or detaching material in your life, consider this a sign that your wish is about to come true.

6’s and 9’s, such as 669 or 699 – Detach from your material items, especially if you have had any obsession with any particular type of material possession. This number sequence asks you to let go and detach. Also, this is a message that something in your life is about to be replaced with something better. Be open to receiving new possessions that exceed your expectations, as you are ready to be upgraded. You deserve the best!

6’s and 0’s, such as 600 or 660 – This is a message from your Creator about your material life. Divine guidance from God asks you to focus less on Earthly desires. It’s not that God is asking you to live an impoverished life, but rather, that your Creator asks you to try a more spiritual approach to having your needs met. Know that God is within you and is your source for everything you need. Simply hold faith and gratitude, and be open to signs or new opportunities that will bring your material needs to you. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all the rest will be added to you” is the heart of this number sequence’s message. You can get more information on this process by reading The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price (published by Hay House) or by reading “The Sermon on the Mount” in the Gospel of Matthew.

By Doreen Virtue

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