5555 ~ Angel Numbers ~ Doreen Virtue

Combinations of 5’s

5’s and 1’s, such as 511 or 515 – Your thoughts are creating the changes in your life. Keep steering your thoughts in your desired direction. If the changes that you see forthcoming are not desired, you can stop or alter them by modifying your thoughts.

5’s and 2’s, such as 522 or 552 – Your prayers and intentions have been clear, strong, and without reservations; therefore, expect a change to come about faster than you may have foreseen. Don’t let it throw you when your wishes come true. They may come about in unexpected ways, so hold on to your faith. Talk to God often, and ask for reassurance.

5’s and 3’s, such as 533 or 553 – The ascended masters want to prepare you for a big life change that is imminent. They want you to know that they are holding your hand through this change and that everything will be alright. Embrace the change, and look for the blessing within it.

5’s and 4’s, such as 554 or 544 – Your angels are involved in one of your significant life changes right now.

5′ and 6’s, such as 556 or 566 – Your material life is changing significantly, such as a new home, car, or other possession.

5’s and 7’s, such as 577 or 575 – This is a validation that you are “on target” with an impending change that will enrich you either physically, emotionally, or intellectually – or a combination of all three. Stay on course and you will soon see the evidence of how the changes add to your own life and to that of those around you.

5’s and 8’s, such as 588 or 558 – This number sequence signifies that you are in the 11th hour, right before the change. Do not fear it, as you will be supported and loved throughout this change, which is now imminent.

5’s and 9’s, such as 599 or 595 – In order for the new change to manifest, it’s important to release the past. This number sequence asks you to let go of the old and know that it served a vital function during its time. However, life is fluid and change is inevitable Know that the new is standing at your doorway, waiting for you to let it in. You invite the new in as you detach with love from the old.

5’s and 0’s, such as 500 or 550 – An important message that lets you know that your life changes are in Divine and perfect order. They are a gift from God and in alignment with God’s will for your higher self.

By Doreen Virtue

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