2222 ~ Angel Numbers ~ Doreen Virtue

Combinations of 2’s

2’s and 1’s, such as 221 or 112 – Our thoughts are like seeds that are beginning to sprout. You may have already seen some evidence of the fruition of your desires. These are signs that things will and re growing in your aspired direction. Keep the faith!

2’s and 3’s, such as 223 or 323 – The ascended masters are working with you as co-creators of your new project. They are telling you that they share your excitement and know that everything is working out well for you. The masters can see that your future is already guaranteed to be filled with the happiness you seek. Enjoy this new phase of your life!

2’s and 4’s, such as 224 or 244 – As it says in the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles, “The angels nurse your newborn purpose.” This is a sign that you have help from above in making your desired transitions. This is a time when you especially need to know that you’re not alone. The 2 and 4 number sequences are a signal from your angels to tell you that they’re working very closely with you right now.

2’s and 5’s, such as 255 or 225 – Your prayers and intentions have been clear, strong, and without reservations; therefore, expect a change to come about faster than you may have foreseen. Don’t let it throw you when your wishes come true. They may come about in unexpected ways, so hold on to your faith. Talk to God often, and ask for reassurance.

2’s and 6’s, such as 266 or 262 – A new purchase or acquisition is coming your way.

2’s and 7’s, such as 277 or 272 – Have you recently applied for a new job, admission to school, or a loan? These numbers signal good news. They ask you o hang tight and not allow your faith to waver.

2’s and 8’s, such as 288 or 282 – One door is beginning to open, and another door is beginning to close. Be sure to listen to your intuition very closely right now, as it will guide you to take steps that will ensure your steady abundance during these transitions.

2’s and 9’s, such as 299 or 292 – If you’ve recently suffered a loss (job, lover, etc.), expect it to be replaced in the very near future. Everything is working in your favor, although there may be so much behind-scenes activity involved that you wonder if God has forgotten you. Worry not! Feel the energy of your life, which is moving forward right now. You are not being punished by your recent loss. The universe is, instead, preparing you for newness.

2’s and 0’s, such as 200 or 202 – God wants you to know that he has not forgotten or abandoned you. He loves you very, very much! In fact, God is orchestrating a wonderful new phase of your life. Talk to God often, and you’ll feel this forthcoming miracle. God also reminds you of the importance of “Divine Timing.” Sometimes, certain factors need to fall into place first before your desired outcome can be reached. As long as you hold onto your faith, there is nothing blocking you from attaining your desire.

Written by Doreen Virtue

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