How To Attract A Loving Relationship by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

You must be that which you desire. There’s no point whatsoever in an unloving man or woman bemoaning their inability to find a partner. They’re doomed to endless frustration because they don’t recognize the perfect match when it appears. That loving person could be right there, right now, and their resistance doesn’t allow them to see it. The unloving person continues to blame bad luck or a series of external factors for their not having a loving relationship.

How To Attract Love To Your Life

Love can only be attracted by and returned by love. The best advice I can give for attracting and maintaining spiritual partnerships, is to be what it is that you are seeking. Most relationships that fail to sustain themselves are based on one or both of the partners feeling as if their freedom has been compromised in some way. Spiritual partnerships, on the other hand, are never about making another person feel inferior or ignored in any way. The term spiritual partnership simply means that the energy holding the two of you together is in close harmony with the Source energy of intention.

Using Intention To Attract The Relationship You Want

This means that an allowing philosophy flows through the partnership, and you need never fear that your freedom to fulfill your own inner knowing about your purpose is questioned. It’s as if each person has whispered silently to the other, You are Source energy in a physical body, and the better you feel, the more of this loving, kind, beautiful, receptive, abundant, expanding, and creative energy is flowing through you. I respect this Source energy, and I share it with you as well. When either of us feels downhearted, there’s less of this energy of intention flowing. We must always remember that nothing is disallowed by the universal mind. Whatever is not allowing us to be happy is being disallowed by us. I’m committed to staying in this energy field of intention and watching myself whenever I slip. It’s that very Source that brought us together, and I’ll work to stay in harmony with it.

Affirm That Love is On Its Way

Mystically speaking, there’s no difference between you and another person. A weird concept, perhaps, but nevertheless valid. This explains why you can’t hurt another person without hurting yourself, nor can you help another person without helping yourself. You share the same Source energy with everyone, and consequently, you must begin to think and act in a way that reflects your awareness of this principle. When you feel the need to have the right person show up, begin to change your inner dialogue to reflect this awareness. Rather than saying, “I wish this person would show up because I need to get out of this rut” activate a thought that reflects your connection, such as: I know the right person will be arriving in divine order at precisely the perfect time.

Loving Yourself First

If a friendship or partnership requires the submission of your higher original nature and dignity, it’s simply wrong. When you truly know what it is to love, as you’re loved by your Source, you won’t experience the kind of pain you did in the past when your love was unnoticed or rejected. It will, instead, be similar to how a friend described her experience of choosing to leave a relationship: “My heart was broken, but it felt like it was stuck in the open position. I felt love flowing toward this person who couldn’t love me the way I wanted to be loved, even as I left that relationship to seek the love I felt inside of me. It was strange to feel the pain of my broken heart. And at the same time feel its openness. I kept thinking, My heart’s broken, but it’s broken open. I shifted to an entirely new level of loving and being loved. The relationship I’d dreamed of having manifested 18 months later!”

You are love. You emanated from pure love. You’re connected to this Source of love at all times. Think this way, feel this way, and you’ll soon act this way. And all that you think, feel, and do will be reciprocated in exactly the same fashion. Believe it or not, this principle of the right person showing up has been in place forever. It’s only your ego that’s kept you from seeing it clearly.

Attract Ideal People by Dr. Wayne W Dyer

If you saw the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, you probably came away remembering the concept that if you pursue a dream, you will succeed (or, “If you build it, they will come”). I mention this because I’m suggesting that if you commit yourself to matching up with the field of intention, everyone you desire or need to fulfill your personal intention will appear. How can that be? The moment you definitely commit yourself to being a part of the power of intention, “then Providence moves too,” and unforeseen assistance comes your way.

The right people will arrive to assist you in every aspect of your life: The people who will support you in your career are there; the people who will help you create your perfect home show up; the people who will arrange the finances for whatever you desire are available; the driver you need to get you to the airport is waiting for you; the designer you’ve admired wants to work with you; the dentist you need in an emergency when you’re on vacation just happens to be there; and your spiritual soul mate finds you.

The list is endless because we’re all in relationship to each other, we all emanate from the same Source, and we all share the same divine energy of intention. There’s no place that this universal mind is not; therefore, you share it with everyone you attract into your life.

You’ll have to let go of any resistance to your ability to attract the right people, or you won’t recognize them when they show up in your everyday life. Resistance may be difficult to recognize at first, because it’s such a familiar form of your thoughts, your emotions, and your energy levels. If you believe that you’re powerless to attract the right people, then you’ve attracted powerlessness into your experience. If you’re attached to the idea of being stuck with the wrong people or no people at all, then your energy isn’t aligned with the power of intention, and resistance reigns. The field of intention has no choice but to send you more of what you’re desiring. So, make a somersault into the inconceivable, where you have faith and trust in the universal mind of intention, and allow the right people to arrive in your life right on schedule.

Once you’ve formed a picture in your mind of the person or people that you intend to show up in your life, and you know how you want them to treat you and what they’ll be like, you must be what it is that you’re seeking. This is a universe of attraction and energy. You can’t have a desire to attract a mate who is confident, generous, non-judgmental, and gentle, and expect that desire to be manifested if you’re thinking and acting in non-confident, selfish, judgmental, or arrogant ways—which is why most people don’t attract the right people at the right time.

More than 30 years ago, I wanted to attract a publisher into my life for my book, Your Erroneous Zones. This publisher would have to be understanding since I was an unknown writer at the time, and would have to be a risk taker, willing to let go of any doubts about me.

My literary agent arranged a meeting with an executive editor, whom I’ll refer to as George, at a large New York publishing house. As I sat down to talk with him, it was obvious to me that he was personally distraught. I asked him what was troubling him, and we proceeded to spend the next three to four hours talking about a devastating personal matter that had just transpired the night before. George’s wife had told him that she was going to seek a divorce, and he felt as though he’d been blindsided by this news. I let go of my own desires to talk about getting my book published and became what it was that I was seeking: an understanding, confident, risk-taking person. By being that very thing and detaching from my ego-dominated desires, I was able to help George out that afternoon, which I’ve never forgotten.

I left George’s office that day without even discussing my book proposal. When I told my literary agent this story, he was convinced that I’d blown my one opportunity with a major publishing house by not making a strong pitch for my book. The following day, George called my agent, telling him, “I really don’t even know what Dyer’s book proposal entails, but I want that man as one of our authors.”

At the time, I didn’t realize what was happening. Now, with a quarter century of living in this world of spiritual inquiry, I see it quite clearly. The right people show up precisely when you need them and when you’re able to match up. You must be that which you desire. When you are what you desire, you attract it by radiating it outward. You have this ability to match up with the power of intention and fulfill your intention to attract ideal people and divine relationships.